Place your Spool Dock on a smooth surface with the notch in the base pointing the direction you want the cable to go and press down firmly.


Lift off the wooden spool portion of the dock leaving the metal base.


Thread your Lightning Cable though the under side of the wooden spool.


From the felt side of the spool turn the head of the Lightning Connector 90 degrees and press it down at an angle until it is fully seated.


Pull the length of the cable through the gap in the trunk of the spool and in between the notch in the base and snap closed.


Rotate the spool at least one-half turn or until the cable reaches the desired length. Turn the spool in the opposite direction and pull to let cable out.

Swivel device as desired.
  Take out the support bars and turn them around to increase the space to accommodate a case.
Clean suction pads with a damp cloth and let dry to restore suction.